All Services                                                                 35€/hr (inc VAT)

We offer our customers a flat hourly fee of 35€/hr (including Value Added Tax) for all our services. In addition, customers who have the right to household tax deduction can take advantagae of it to further reduce their household cleaning expenses

Home Cleaning

The frequency of the home cleaning service can be agreed upon and it depends on your needs and preferencess. Available options are:

  • Once every week.
  • Once every 2 weeks.
  • Once a month.

Home cleaning may include among others:

  • carpet dusting and airation.
  • vaccuming
  • floor mopping
  • Dusting any dusty places
  • cleaning bathroom facilities
  • any other household cleaning services you require.

Other Services

  • window cleaning
  • building-site cleaning
  • post-renovation cleaning
  • cleaning gift cards Grandparents
  • summer cottage cleaning / caravan cleaning
  • yard work (using customer's own cleaning equipment)
  • cleaning services for small firms
  • painting
  • general help in any work

Welfare Services

  • Personal assistant services
  • cultural exchange service
  • computer use aid/guidance
  • running errands

Cultural Exchange Services may include among others:

  • Chatting with the customer
  • Preparing an exotic dish for the customer
  • accompanying the customer to a cultural event
  • Arranging a social event for the customer

NB: Our personnel are encouraged to take time to chat briefly with customers during each visit, but we also offer the possibility to request a paid 30min or 1hour chat session for customers who might need or like to.